Thursday, March 31, 2011

Barrio Dogs featured in Houston PetTalk magazine

The April 2011 issue of Houston PetTalk magazine features an article about Barrio Dogs along with a picture of founder Gloria Medina Zenteno with Apache and pictures of some of our other rescues.  Thank you Houston PetTalk for your support of Barrio Dogs!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jackie and Jill

Have you ever seen a package of Twinkies that didn't exactly match? It could happen, but doesn't usually get past the inspectors at the factory. Well these two little sweeties could be an afternoon treat at your house! Neglected and ignored, these escape artists tried to improve their own lives. They were found roaming the streets starving, thirsty, and filthy. When questioned, the "owners" said the animals were unwanted. The lives of these two girls have improved tremendously and they no longer feel the need to make a getaway. They are spayed and up-to-date on all vaccines. Jackie and Jill are around two years old and weigh around 16 pounds each. Just like Twinkies, they come as a packaged set. Do you have room in your heart and home for these sweet pups?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meet Misha - update

 We have new pictures of Misha and wanted to post them along with more information about her.  A precious long-hair Dachshund/Chihuahua mix, Misha is a lover. With a shiny black coat and emotional eyes, this one-year old loves to cuddle, is great at the vet, and is a wonderful pet patient.  She is currently being treated for ear mites and handles her treatments like a trooper. She is due for another cycle of vaccinations and will soon be spayed. 

Misha is currently being fostered but she needs to find her own home. Having survived cold, harsh weather, Misha likes to snuggle and soaks up all the attention that can be lavished upon her. Please forward this message to all the animal lovers in your address book. We're betting someone out there will be happy to have Misha as a roommate.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Meet Red

This beautiful girl is approximately seven months old and 38 pounds. She is a lab/hound mix with a smiling personality. She is mellow and has no behavioral issues. Her interests include meeting new people, car rides, belly rubs, and trips to the dog park. 

Found wandering the streets, this little lady had already caught the interest of local children who decided to name her Little Red Riding Hood because of her lovely red coat. Inquiries were made, but no one claimed the pup. Since she had no collar, tags or microchip, finding a former owner was impossible.  Red has been spayed and is up-to-date on vaccines.  She is heartworm negative and on preventative medications. Please consider Red for your home.  If you are not able to adopt, please help us network her story. For more information, contact

Meet Sammy

This do-it-yourselfer was so eager for his own family he was found hanging out at a Home Depot. He was obviously in search of someone who likes to be hands on and likes to invest effort into improving. Sammy is a Newfoundland mix with a magnificent coat and attentive eyes. He is around two years old. He has received all of his vaccines, is heartworm negative and has been neutered. He is a sweet dog that loves walking on a leash and gets along great with other dogs.  Can you help us find Sammy a real home? For more information, contact

Reminder - Pizza Party Fundraiser Next Week

Please join us!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Meet Louie

This little terrier was rescued in the 5th Ward near LBJ Hospital in January 2011. He was found by a very caring person who believes he deserves a chance to be in a real home. Louie was found busy searching for food in a grocery store parking lot filled with moving cars. It is amazing he was not run over. He is a little guy, under 10 lbs, and is adorable. He loves to sit in your lap, is good indoors and stays right with you outside. He is playful with other dogs and has a great personality! He will be a great companion for someone. Louie is up to date on his vaccines and will be neutered soon.  All he needs now is the perfect home. Please help us network his story. If you are not able to adopt can you help us with his remaining vetting. We thank you.

Lawnie is Adopted!

It’s official!  Rescued dog Lawnie was adopted today by one of the Pet Paradise employees who has been spending time with him.  As a Pet Paradise employee, his new owner is able to bring one personal dog to work every day, so lucky Lawnie will get lots of play time while his new mom works.

Congratulations Lawnie!

Rescue of the Week - Dallas

Please meet Dallas, our Rescue of the Week. This young pup was found near Telephone Road and Lawndale in the Greater East End of Houston.  He was running loose and scared while dodging traffic.  He was quite thin and had very bad skin; when taken to the vet, the doctor said that his skin condition was simply because of a lack of a good diet and probably stress-related as well.  Dallas was treated for intestinal worms, given all of his vaccines and neutered. Since he was rescued, Dallas has gained weight and his skin looks much better.  He is a SharPei mix, super sweet, low key and probably 1 to 2 years old.  He loves humans, plays well with other dogs and has zero aggression issues.  Dallas just wants to be loved and given a good, forever home. If you are interested in adopting Dallas, please contact us at

Barrio Dogs Visits House of Tiny Treasures

On March 17, 2011,  Barrio Dogs made a special St. Patrick’s Day visit to House of Tiny Treasures, a pre-kindergarten educational and day care center for homeless children.  On this occasion, Barrio Dogs’ Education and Therapy Coordinator Jennifer Washam was not only accompanied by her R*E*A*D, Chloe, but also by a new assistant, Laila Salameh, who helped with Serenity, a small rescue pup who will now be part of the therapy program.  Typically upon arrival, the Barrio Dogs group is met with cries of joy since everyone loves the canine visits.  However, on this visit, things were different and oddly quiet. We soon discovered that there were only four older kids in the Center's playground instead of the usual 12-14. This provided a unique opportunity for the older kids to have more one-on-one time with both dogs and gave the younger kids a chance to meet the dogs for the first time.  Barrio Dogs continues to be amazed at how the children seem to benefit from these therapeutic visits, especially since their own living circumstances are not very stable.  Barrio Dogs looks forward to increasing their visits to House of Tiny Treasures in the coming months.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Food Giveaway - Vote for Barrio Dogs!

LIFE+DOG and FIDO Friendly are proud to announce the launch of the GREAT FOOD GIVEAWAY. Over the next four weeks, through April 15, we’re giving away more than 3,000 pounds of food to animals in need and $5,000 worth of prizes to our lucky readers. And it couldn’t be easier to join in on the fun! To enter, click here.

Please enter and vote for Barrio Dogs by April 15, 2011

Meet Cooper

Cooper is a volunteer favorite who has been in our program for seven months and has lived through more horror than any creature should know. Heartless humans placed Cooper inside a dumpster at Sherwin Williams in the 2nd Ward. He was found by a store employee dehydrated, starving, and with multiple medical conditions. His most formative puppy days were spent recovering, and at thirteen months, he remains somewhat underweight at just 40 pounds. Cooper is a very mellow boy who needs a patient, confident companion to show him love and help him grow into the dog he was meant to become. Please consider adopting this wonderful companion!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Please Give

Today we need to get really serious for a bit. We need your help! Barrio Dogs has over 30 rescues in our care. The cost of properly caring for the animals is significant. Many of the rescues have been in our care for much longer than we would prefer; they need a home.
Please get involved. You can help in so many ways. ‎#1 Ask your friends and colleagues to 'like' Barrio Dogs on Facebook. #2 Consider making either a one-time or recurring tax-deductible donation. #3 Send us your unexpired dog food coupons. #4 Be a pet adoption advocate (more to come later). #5 Consider sewing a blanket for one of the pups. #6 Come to our events. 
These are just a few suggestion; please help us think of even more ways you can help out!

Community Education at Browning Elementary

 Barrio Dogs’ Education and Therapy Coordinator, Jennifer Washam, accompanied by therapy dog Chloe, recently conducted a presentation at Browning Elementary School on the proposed Breed Specific legislation. Our organization hopes to help children understand the implications of this legislation and what it could mean to their own pets, many of which are pit bulls. We also encouraged the students to write letters not only to the sponsors of the legislation, Senator Kevin Eltife and Representative Chuck Hopson, but to their own local representative to express their opinions about the proposed legislation. As a result of this visit, the students at Browning Elementary took on a poster project to voice their opinions. Please view these beautiful educational posters. We are so proud of these students and also proud of the educational work that Jennifer Washam and Chloe have accomplished.  
For more information about Breed Specific legislation, please see this earlier post on this blog.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


The foster for Abby & Eve can no longer keep them. These were the rescues that were found in an abandoned home near Lockwood & Navigation in Greater East End, Houston. They can be separated. Please help us network. A BIG thanks to Gwen Juarez for these photos.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rescue Hagerman Unchained

We discovered a dog that was chained up on a very short and heavy chain. We tried to educate the residents that this is wrong! While investigating the situation further we found that the dog was injured. When the residents were asked, they denied knowing what had happened and said they think another dog beat him up. 

We immediately removed him from this chain and noticed that he had a very deep wound on his back and smelled of infection. His face and ears had bite and tear marks. He also had trouble walking on one of his back legs. We were in shock and furious with these owners as they continued to deny what had happened. We asked if this dog has been used for dog fighting and they continued to deny, all they said is they felt he may have been beat up while chained. We removed him and took him to Gulfgate Animal Hospital. The vet said that the wounds were definitely from other dogs but seems like he was the recipient, he didn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body. He was given antibiotics, pain meds and will be treated for all his needs. Vet feels he is a Mastiff mix, probably 3 to 4 years old. We will know more once sedated tomorrow and given an x-ray for his leg.

We named this sweet boy Hagerman since he was found on Hagerman Street, near Lockwood in Greater East End Houston. We are low on funds, fosters and adopters, but who in their right mind would leave this dog to suffer, we could not. Please support Hagerman with is continued care. We are asking for donations. Thank you!

Monday, March 7, 2011

"Tales to Tails" Community Education Program at Cage Elementary

Barrio Dogs launched their “Tales to Tails” program at Cage Elementary Monday, February 21, 2011, with 8 first and second grade students.  This educational program focuses on individual children reading to a “Rescue Education Ambassador Dog” (R*E*A*D) on a one-to-one basis free of stress and criticism.  The goal is to provide each child with a calm setting that will help them to feel comfortable reading at their own pace and through following sessions build their self-esteem and confidence.  Barrio Dogs Education and Therapy Coordinator Jennifer Washam accompanied her R*E*A*D, Chloe, to the school and all of the children loved how Chloe was so patient in listening to the book each child chose for their session. 

Along with the reading sessions, each child is told about the R*E*A*D’s own story regarding how they have come from “hard times” and through love and encouragement made wonderful changes so that they can in turn give back to the community.  The idea is to encourage children to push through obstacles they might be facing so they can reach successful goals of their own. 
R*E*A*D, Chloe, was rescued along with her sister, Casey, from a circumstance of severe abuse and neglect.  When rescued they were found to be severe heartworm positive, malnourished and suffering from mange.  They both received the medical care they needed, but still had behavior issues that needed extra attention.  Chloe in particular was afraid of many things and would literally “freeze” when anything made her feel uncomfortable.  Through lots of patience and loving work she eventually came out of her shell and now can’t get enough of socializing with others, furry and human!  It is truly exciting to see her giving back to the community.  She always knows when her “uniform” is put on that fun times are ahead!

Barrio Dogs Educational & Therapy programs are truly growing and would love to have more volunteers and rescue dogs involved.  If you are interested in participating, please let us know at

Saturday, March 5, 2011

SAVE THE DATE - Barrio Dogs fundraiser!

Barrio Dogs Holding Grand Kickoff Event on April 10, 2011
New non-profit helps “educate, empower and transform”
HOUSTON – A new organization has been formed to help educate and raise awareness of proper animal care in lower income communities.  The non-profit – called Barrio Dogs, Inc. – will hold a grand kickoff in April.  

Who:  Barrio Dogs Inc. –
What:  Grand kickoff event for new 501(c)(3) organization
When:  Sunday, April 10, 2-6 p.m.
Where:  Bohemeo’s, 708 Telephone Road - Inside Tlaquepaque Market

Special Guests and Activities
  • Guest speaker:  Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino 
  • SNAP (Spay/Neuter & Assistance Program) volunteers
  • Norma Zenteno Band, Lords of Cool and other special musicians 
  • Food, drink, silent auctions, raffles, art, jewelry and more

For more information:
Gloria Medina Zenteno, Founder & President
P.O. Box 230677
Houston,  TX  77223-0677
fax:  713 921-7293

Fosters & Adopters Needed

Barrio Dogs Year End of 2010 video - Happy New Year!

Pet Paradise fundraiser for Barrio Dogs! Wednesday's at Pet Paradise benefit BARRIO DOGS! The Pet Paradise Resort near Bush Intercontinental Airport will donate $1 for every bath they do on Wednesday's from now until March 30th. $10 for a bath or $20 for daycare & bath! 

Thanks Pet Paradise for making Houston a better place for animals!
Pet Paradise
14500 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Houston, TX 77032
Map and Directions to IAH
Phone: 281.449.DOGS(3647)
Fax: 281.449.0061

Meet Apache

Apache was found on Navigation street in the Greater East End, Houston. He was found homeless near some railroad tracks, very emaciated with his ribs and backbone protruding. A wonderful, caring man encouraged him to get in his truck and Apache was not hard to save. He appeared dehydrated and malnourished. When taken to the vet, he was heartworm positive high. The finder felt he deserved to be helped so he sponsored all of his vetting. It is apparent that poor Apache had been on his own for a while; he was extremely dirty and covered with fleas but now he has been given a second chance.

Apache is approximately 2 to 3 years old, Staffordshire Terrier mix. He has a vibrant bronze color coat with beautiful golden eyes. He has gone through heartworm treatment and is now on his monthly heartworm and flea preventive. He has been neutered, microchippped and is current on his vaccines.

Can you help us find Apache a foster or home? If you can’t open your home to him, can you open up your heart? We are asking for donations for Apache’s continued boarding. We appreciate you networking his story.  For more information, contact us at

Meet Misha

Misha is a beautiful one-year old long hair Chihuahua/dachshund mix. She was found in East Houston on Manchester Street and Broadway near an elementary school. The children at the school saw that her owner not giving her attention or proper food so Barrio Dogs took her. She has treated by a vet, received her vaccinations and was treated for ear mites. She is being monitored for extra care and will need one more set of shots for the year. She also needs to be spayed, which will be sponsored by Barrio Dogs.   

Misha is a loving dog in need of a good home. She loves attention and cuddles. If you are interested in offering this little pup a forever home please contact Barrio Dogs, and if you cannot, please circulate her story to others. For more information, contact us at

Meet Eve

Eve was rescued from an abandoned home near Lockwood & Navigation in Greater East End, Houston, TX.  Eve is up to date on her vaccines and will be spayed soon. This beautiful pup has been on the streets since birth so human contact is still new to her. She still needs some time for trust but you can see it in her eyes she wants a chance. The good news is Eve will no longer have to search for food and shelter.  Eve is approximately 3 months old and is probably a lab/hound/chow mix. She waits for her forever home while in foster care. If you cannot adopt, can you please help us with her continued boarding and vetting. Please help us share Eve’s story along with the many homeless animals that are in need of our help in the inner city neighborhoods of Houston.For more information, contact us at

Meet Abby

Abby was rescued from an abandoned home near Lockwood & Navigation in Greater East End, Houston. She was discovered by a very caring person along with her mama and 2 other litter mates when looking for food at a nearby gas station. Abby is up to date on her vaccines and will be spayed soon. This beautiful pup has been on the streets since birth so human contact is still new to her. She still needs sometime for trust but you can see in her eyes that she wants a chance. The good news is Abby will no longer have to search for food and shelter.  She is approximately 3 months old and is probably a lab/hound/chow mix. She waits for her forever home while in foster care. If you cannot adopt, can you please help us with her continued boarding and vetting. Please help us share Abby’s story along with the many homeless animals that are in need of our help in the inner city neighborhoods of Houston. For more information, contact us at

News about Breed Specific Legislation in Texas

The Texas legislature is considering Breed Specific legislation. Specifically, Texas Senator Kevin Eltife and Representative Chuck Hopson are supporting a proposal to change the current state law which prohibits municipalities from passing breed-specific laws.

Senator Eltife is supporting a proposal that would eliminate the protection that Texas currently provides to pitbulls, pitbull mixes, or any dogs that have pitbull-like characteristics. There is concern that laws like this punish innocent dogs for what is done by the uneducated few owners of the breed. Not too long ago, Michael Vick’s dog ring was broken up and many of his dogs rescued from a horrible fate; however, their futures were uncertain because of the public’s misunderstanding of the breed. The rescues were taken to a number of different shelters, sanctuaries and foster care to help with their rehabilitation and to give them a second chance. As a result, at least two-thirds of the dogs that were rescued were rehabilitated, many adopted and a couple even work as therapy dogs. This indicates that is not the breed but the dog's training and environment that cause problems.

You can read more about Vick's dogs in the book “The Lost Dogs” by Jim Gorant. Also, please take time to learn more about breed specific legislation from the ASPCA. Once you have learned more, please contact your Texas legislators.

Good news about Chloe

Wonderful progress for Chloe, a dog that was rescued by a group called “Walnut Street Rescue”, who collaborated with Barrio Dogs to find her shelter while she was being treated for health issues and rehabilitation for future adoption. 

At first, Chloe was boarded at AC Grooming & Boarding before a couple decided to foster her before the Christmas holidays.  When she arrived at their home, she was incredibly skittish. Her foster mama showed her extra care and attention and after a few days, she began to relax.  Chloe especially loved all the other animals that were in the foster household, including 4 other dogs, 3 cats and a parrot. After a week's time, she began to explore the house a bit and started to go outside on her own. It has been a little over 3 weeks now and Chloe has not only become comfortable around her foster home but has taken to playing with toys, the other animals in the house, and with her foster parents. Although her foster parents know she has a lot of rehabilitation work ahead in regard to feeling comfortable in all sorts of other situations, they feel very confident that with the continual patience, love and training they have been giving her she will continue to make great strides forward.