Saturday, May 23, 2015

Halliburton Home Town Heroes Nominations

It's time again for the Halliburton Home Town Heroes nominations. Everyone did a great job last year getting us in to the top ten, but it takes a top 3 finish for the donation. Nominations can be made once a day at the following website: We have provided all the information for you below as well as a brief sample of why we should be nominated. Voting last until June 5, 2015. We have had so many calls this week for lost/homeless dogs but we do not have any room in boarding or fosters available. This money can go a long way with assisting us in keeping up our education programs, vet bills, and emergencies that we just can't turn away. We appreciate every nomination.

For those of you who would like to cut and paste the information:
Barrio Dogs, Inc.
P.O. Box 230677
Houston, TX 77023
(This is only a suggestion and please feel free to write your own reasons.) Barrio Dogs has been working for five years to improve conditions for Houston's animals by raising awareness, educating residents and when possible, fixing their pets. They are relentlessly pursuing a long term solution to our animal welfare crisis. I support their vision and their approach which is why they are my Hometown Hero.

I want to thank all who voted last year and continue to vote and support Barrio Dogs. Together we can make a difference.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy.... Spring is here and Barrio Dogs has many events coming up

Looking for something to do now that the weather is turning warmer and you want to get outside and enjoy it? Check out Barrio Dogs, Inc for some great events including adoption events, educational opportunities, and fundraisers. Check out to see what events are coming up. Here are just a few that might interest you:

Looking to add a new member to your family? Stop by this weekend and checkout these handsome faces. Several of our Barrio Dogs will be at Natural Pawz West University hoping to meet their new owners.

Show your support and come out for some great music, food and drinks to help Barrio Dogs, Inc. celebrate its 5th Anniversary. Meet former and current barrio dogs and volunteers that keep this great organization functioning.
Get a head start on your Cinco de Mayo celebration and help raise money for Barrio Dogs, Inc.

These are just a few of the many events going on this Spring and there are more to come this summer. Show your support by attending a few and sharing with your friends.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Pets....Good Idea or Bad?

 Awww.....So Cute and Cuddly,  but What have I gotten myself into??

It is that time of year where you worry and wonder what to get that special person in your life or family member. If you are planning to surprise someone with a cute and cuddly pet, please consider what you are doing before making this decision. The decision to add a pet to your family at this time of year may be spur of the moment but it will be a commitment that you are making for the life of that animal.

Shelters are full animals that people thought they could take care of or wanted without considering what they were getting into.  All animals require a proper diet as well as healthcare. These items can put a strain on any budget if you are not careful and you should consider this in your decision making. All animals require yearly checkups and shots, but during a puppy's or kitten's first year, they will require additional vet visits for shots, de-worming, and spay/neuter.

Animals will require your time and attention. Exercise and play is an important part of their life. Animals that do not get enough exercise and play can become frustrated and destructive when left on their own. A number of animals end up in shelters or dumped because of destructive behavior due to no fault of their own. The animals were merely frustrated and unable to express their displeasure any other way.

As for all these animals that end up in shelters or with rescue groups, they are just patiently waiting for their furr-ever home. Instead of shopping at that fancy pet store or with a breeder, please considering adopting from a shelter or rescue group. Christmas can be a wonderful time of year to add a pet to your household if you are ready and able.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Upcoming Events

Hello everyone. It has been busy they last couple of weeks and I have not been able to get a post done. I wanted to let everyone know that we have several events coming in the next few weeks that benefit Barrio Dogs, Inc. Please join us for a lot of fun and meet some of the great dogs from Barrio Dogs, Inc. We have several available for foster to adopt as there always seems to be someone who needs are help on the streets of the East End. Check out the following events where you can meet some of these great dogs and get more information on how Barrio Dogs helps in the community

We will also be holding several Community Awareness and Adoption Events:

October 25, 2014
Natural Pawz West University, 4032 Bellaire Blvd.

November 22 , 2014
Natural Pawz West University, 4032 Bellaire Blvd.

December 27, 2014
Natural Pawz West University, 4032 Bellaire Blvd.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Please do NOT advertise FREE ANIMALS!!

Everyday I see post on Facebook, listings on craigslist, and other sites of people offering free cats and dogs. I understand that a lot of these animals were dumped or lost and crawled under your porch or shed and had a liter and now you not only have an adult animal you did not want, but several little ones that need loving homes. What you may not know is that people are searching sites like Facebook for these animals to do unspeakable things to these "unwanted" pets. Free animals end up as bait for dog fighting trainers, as food for snakes or other carnivores, or end up sold to research labs. Please do not advertise that you have free animals on any site, classified ad, or email listing. There are many local rescue groups that will help you find a proper home and veterinary care for these animals. Charge a small adoption fee, please try and provide beginning veterinary service, ask to see ID or a driver's license and always trust your gut if someone doesn't seem to be representing themselves honestly. I know trying to find good loving homes is difficult, but a little of your time can mean the difference between life and death for these animals. Houston has more than 1 million homeless animals and it takes all of us working together to eliminate this crisis.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Got Plans for Saturday Night??

Please join us Saturday, August 16 at Outlaw Dave's Worldwide Headquarters for a fundraising event. Great Music, Food and People all benefiting the Barrio Dogs Fixit Spay Neuter Project. Please help us help those who can not afford basic veterinary care for their pets.

Did you find a lost or homeless animal??

Did you find a lost or homeless animal that you are trying to help? There are many lost and homeless animals in the Houston area. Estimates put the number between 600,000 and 1 million. Many groups work the area to help these animals as best they can, but to reduce this number it will take all of us working together. There are many resources available to help you if you decide to help a lost or homeless animal. Leaving them on the streets or in the park can only lead to injury or death for the animal. Check out the steps above to see how you can help save a lost or homeless animal and help spread the word on social media and among your friends.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

NO MORE EXCUSES, Spay/Neuter Your Pet

I have heard so many stories recently about why people will not spay or neuter their pets. One woman trying to find homes for a liter of puppies stated pregnancies happen some times. Another said her dogs don't need to be fixed because they are indoor dogs and don't socialize with other dogs. Others have said they wanted their children to witness the miracle of birth, or the dogs won't live satisfied lives if they are fixed, they can't afford spaying/neutering, or they need to breed to be healthy. These are just excuses of irresponsible pet owners. Owning a pet is a responsibility. Houston currently has 600,000 to 1.2 million homeless dogs living in the streets and parks. City Animal Control receives 400 calls a day and receives nearly 2,000 animals a month. This does not include those brought in to Harris County, three other official shelters in the city, or those abandoned and rescued by volunteer groups. There are more than 140 rescue groups working in the Houston area trying to feed and rescue as many of these dogs as possible, but if people were to have their pets spayed/neutered, we would not have so many homeless/abandoned dogs on the streets.

Everyone knows puppies are cute and kids love them. They are hard to resist. I know, I have been swayed by that sweet puppy breathe and adorable antics myself. But before you say yes to that crying child or yourself, ask yourself if you are prepared to provide the best and healthiest home for that cute little pup. Puppies grow up to be dogs! While they are still under a year of age they must be de-wormed, given shots, and can be spayed/neutered at 8 weeks. After 1 year, healthy dogs require a yearly vet visit and rabies shot and may need other booster shots to remain healthy.

Small breed dogs can come into heat as young as 5 months so the younger you spay, the less chance you have of being one of those people that end up with an unwanted liter of pups. Spayed/neutered pets are also healthy and happy pets. Birthing and nursing a liter is a strain on even a healthy dog. If the mother dog is not monitored she may become malnourished and could even develop seizures. If you think you can't afford to spay/neuter your pet when get her/him, how do you think you are going to afford caring for a liter of pups??

Spaying/Neutering can keep dogs from getting ovarian and uterine cancers as well as testicle cancer. It also reduces the desire to roam and escape the yard. Spaying/neutering does not change your dogs personality, he/she will still be that lovable dog they were before the surgery. Spaying/Neutering may lead to weight gain in less active dogs, but your vet can recommend a lower calorie food and feeding schedule to prevent this.

So please, NO MORE EXCUSES, spay or neuter your pet. Call your veterinarian and make an appointment tomorrow morning. If you don't have a vet, ask for recommendations from friends/family or check with your local shelter. Check with local rescue groups for low cost/free spay and neuter programs. Be a responsible pet owner. Love your animals and provide them with the best life possible.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Community Awareness Event: No One's Dog Photo Exhibit

DiverseWorks, Barrio Dogs, and Box 13 present No One’s Dog a community-based photography project documenting Houston’s animal overpopulation crisis

COMMUNITY AWARENESS EVENT: Saturday, August 9, 5 – 7 pm at Box 13 ArtSpace, 6700 Harrisburg Blvd., Houston, TX  77011

For anyone who may not have been able to visit the No One's Dog photo exhibit at DiverseWorks, there will be another event on Saturday August 9 form 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm at Box 13 ArtSpace located at 6700 Harrisburg, Houston, TX 77011. You may also view all the photos submitted for this project as well as new ones that are being added at the following link on flickr: .

These photos are hard to look at but show the need for more to be done. Through no fault of their own, these animals are fighting for their lives and need our help. 

There are millions of homeless, lost and abandoned dogs roaming Houston's streets and parks as seen in these photo. Many are injured, sick and starving. Education and low cost/free spay and neuter programs are the only way to prevent the many unwanted animals abandoned on the streets and in shelters each year. Educating children about the responsibilities of pet ownership is the first step in creating a generation of people who realize that owning a puppy or kitten is 15-20 year commitment and that animals do not need to be bred. Access to affordable wellness programs and medications is also needed to make sure these animals have long and healthy lives. 

It will take the community coming together to make this happen. We all need to work together, volunteering to assist local rescue groups is a great way to see the problems and the solutions. People are needed to foster rescues, present education programs at locals schools/events, and lobby our local government to do more than capture and kill these abandoned and lost animals. Please join us.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fosters Needed

Houston has a millions of street and homeless dogs. Local rescues are doing what they can to help these dogs, but more needs to be done. Fostering a dog is great way to help local rescues. Most do not have a facility to keep their rescues in and rely on volunteers to foster and care for these fur babies.  You can foster for a weekend or longer and help give these dogs a chance to socialize with people and other pets in preparation for finding their fur-ever home. Fostering is also a great way to teach children about the responsibilities of pet ownership. Most parents have heard the plea from their children, "please mom/dad, can we have a dog?" What better way for them to see for themselves what is involved in caring for a dog, than by fostering one for the weekend? Fostering also helps the rescues by showing these formerly homeless dogs what it is like to be in a loving home with people who actually care about them. If you are interested in fostering one of these great dogs, please contact for more information about their availability.