Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chloe and Hap: Our Therapy Dogs

Also in attendance at our recent Pet Awareness Event at Stephanie's were community heroes Chloe, Rescue Education Ambassador Dog (R.E.A.D.), and Hap, Therapy Dog. These two rescued dogs do extraordinary work by giving back to the community through our various therapy programs.

If you are interested in volunteering for any therapy programs, please contact:
Susan Greene, Education Administrator – susan@barriodogs.org
Jennifer Washam, Tales to Tails Coordinator – jennifer@barriodogs.org
Brittany Meyn, Therapy Coordinator - brittany@barriodogs.org

Monday, January 30, 2012

Barrio Dogs' Pet Awareness Event

We want to thank Stephanie’s Ice House in Houston for allowing us to have our very first Barrio Dogs' Pet Awareness Event on January 21, 2012. The event's purpose was to educate and raise awareness of the horrific conditions of animal abandonment, neglect and abuse in the Mason/Magnolia Park area. We had many old and new friends attending and the event was a great success.

Big thanks to the Norma Zenteno Band for performing. Special thanks to Blue Line Bike Shop, Carmen Macias and Mike & Gina Moreno for the donated raffle items. We were blessed by courtesy photographers Megan Batson and Gwen Juarez. Thank you also to Ernie Zenteno for the veggie kabobs and to our wonderful Barrio Dogs volunteers and supporters.

We have new Barrio Dogs education literature in English and Spanish that will soon be available on our website. Please support our education campaign: Spay & Neuter Your Pets, Leash Your Dogs and No More Chains. If you need any literature right now, please contact us at info@barriodog.org.

An important part of our event was to recognize some outstanding community heroes who are working hard to make a difference in the lives of homeless and abandoned dogs throughout the city. We were proud to be able to recognize these people; please continue to get to know and support them as well.

Estelle Mack, Independent Rescuer, Third Ward.
June Rodriquez, Houston Indie Dog Rescue, all communities.
Kelle Mann Davis, Fifth Ward Dogs/Cats Forgotten, Fifth Ward
Anna Bermudez, Independent Rescuer & Barrio Dogs Community Leader, Near Northside
Emily Crossley, Backstreet Brutality & Relief Rescue.

Emily Crossley, Anna Bermudez, Gloria Medina Zenteno, Kelle Mann Davis, June Rodriguez, Estelle Mack


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

10 Colleges With Successful Pet Therapy Programs

This interesting article talks about different types of pet therapy programs in place at various colleges around the country. We love reading about the great things that dogs can do and are proud of Barrio Dog rescued dogs that participate in our therapy programs in Houston schools and homeless shelters. We plan to bring you more good news about our Barrio Dog therapy program in the upcoming months.

10 Colleges With Successful Pet Therapy Programs

Monday, January 9, 2012

Damian, Our Magnolia Park Miracle

To see him now is a miracle. This poor dog was found roaming the streets in Magnolia Park, Greater East End Houston. Damian was in horrible shape! Much to our horror, we determined that Damian had owners. After much discussion Damian was surrendered to Barrio Dogs.

On August 30, 2011, he was taken to the vet and found to be heartworm positive, had demodectic mange, and was severely underweight at just 51 pounds. With lots of love and tender care, Damian no longer suffers from a skin condition or eye infections. He was treated for heartworms and neutered. Damian likes other dogs of all types, enjoys snuggling with people and is very gentle. He has gained weight and has turned out to be a very happy dog. We are looking for loving family that wants Damian to be its newest member.

Damian was recently moved to Sophie's Doggy Spa so he can continue getting the best care. Please consider a donation to his continued vetting and boarding until we find him a beautiful home.

Damian Before
Many people in the community accept this as the norm

Damian's first vet visit

Damian After
Thank you for continuing to support Damian until we find him a home