Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Pets....Good Idea or Bad?

 Awww.....So Cute and Cuddly,  but What have I gotten myself into??

It is that time of year where you worry and wonder what to get that special person in your life or family member. If you are planning to surprise someone with a cute and cuddly pet, please consider what you are doing before making this decision. The decision to add a pet to your family at this time of year may be spur of the moment but it will be a commitment that you are making for the life of that animal.

Shelters are full animals that people thought they could take care of or wanted without considering what they were getting into.  All animals require a proper diet as well as healthcare. These items can put a strain on any budget if you are not careful and you should consider this in your decision making. All animals require yearly checkups and shots, but during a puppy's or kitten's first year, they will require additional vet visits for shots, de-worming, and spay/neuter.

Animals will require your time and attention. Exercise and play is an important part of their life. Animals that do not get enough exercise and play can become frustrated and destructive when left on their own. A number of animals end up in shelters or dumped because of destructive behavior due to no fault of their own. The animals were merely frustrated and unable to express their displeasure any other way.

As for all these animals that end up in shelters or with rescue groups, they are just patiently waiting for their furr-ever home. Instead of shopping at that fancy pet store or with a breeder, please considering adopting from a shelter or rescue group. Christmas can be a wonderful time of year to add a pet to your household if you are ready and able.