Monday, August 25, 2014

Please do NOT advertise FREE ANIMALS!!

Everyday I see post on Facebook, listings on craigslist, and other sites of people offering free cats and dogs. I understand that a lot of these animals were dumped or lost and crawled under your porch or shed and had a liter and now you not only have an adult animal you did not want, but several little ones that need loving homes. What you may not know is that people are searching sites like Facebook for these animals to do unspeakable things to these "unwanted" pets. Free animals end up as bait for dog fighting trainers, as food for snakes or other carnivores, or end up sold to research labs. Please do not advertise that you have free animals on any site, classified ad, or email listing. There are many local rescue groups that will help you find a proper home and veterinary care for these animals. Charge a small adoption fee, please try and provide beginning veterinary service, ask to see ID or a driver's license and always trust your gut if someone doesn't seem to be representing themselves honestly. I know trying to find good loving homes is difficult, but a little of your time can mean the difference between life and death for these animals. Houston has more than 1 million homeless animals and it takes all of us working together to eliminate this crisis.

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