Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bruno is Adopted!

Bruno (formerly known as Brutus), the sweet and adorable companion of Daisy who was abandoned with her at AC Boarding and Grooming almost a year ago has been adopted. He looks especially happy in these pictures with his new dad and in his new home. What is even better is that Daisy was also recently adopted. Best wishes to Bruno and his new family!

Cooper Needs A Home

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Kitties Get A Condo

Thank you so much to our friends who responded to our recent request for funds to buy kitty condos for Dharma and Grace, rescue cats who had been living at AC Boarding and Grooming for almost a year. Through the generosity of our friends, we were able to buy the condos for the kitties, which improved their chances of being seen and adopted. Apparently, soon after the kitties moved into their new condos, someone adopted them! The condos will most likely house new rescues soon. Thank you again; we very much appreciate all of your support!

Hagerman Needs A Home

Daisy is Adopted!

Daisy, the sweet and beautiful Boxer who had been abandoned at AC Boarding & Grooming for close to a year, has been adopted! Here is a picture of Daisy with her new dad. Good luck to Daisy and her new family!

Hermann Park Dog Needs Help

Late on Saturday, May 28, 2011, Barrio Dogs received a message about a brindle Staffordshire Terrier that was discovered at the Hermann Park Golf Course parking lot across from the Zoo. The report indicated that the poor dog was emaciated and that his ribs were sticking out. The caring finders fed him everything they could: bread, peanut butter crackers, chicken, meatballs - he even grabbed some Brie cheese out of the cooler when they were getting him more water. He is friendly but not neutered and has a beautiful brindle color although it is hard to tell his age. He is hiding behind a building near the golf course parking lot right across the street from the front entrance to the Zoo.

Barrio Dogs is receiving emails like this on a daily basis and we wish we could help more
but sadly we are overcapacity with the rescues we currently have. If someone rescues him, we can sponsor his vetting and wish we could do more. Please help this dog we are calling Hermann. For more information, contact us at info@barriodogs.com.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am an Animal Rescuer

This is a terrific video for and about animal rescuers and their friends.

Meet Scout

Scout was part of a dog pack that was rescued in late October 2010 in the Warehouse District near downtown Houston. Some very caring independent rescuers notified the Walnut Street Citizens Rescue and teamed up with them to save as many as possible from this pack that probably had been homeless and neglected for a few years.

When Scout was first brought to the vet, she was near death and has gone through months of expensive vet care. She has been spending time with different volunteers and is now the picture of health. She is getting more socialized with other dogs and even humans. She even walks well on a leash, which is amazing progress for this rescue. We still consider her a special needs rescue, but if given the time and patience we feel in our hearts, she will be a wonderful pet.

Scout is approximately 1 to 2 years old. She is a probably a chow/shepherd mix. She is a bit skittish but shows zero aggression. She is requiring a lot of patience and will need some one on one time but we feel there is someone out there that can give Scout the patience, kindness and love she deserves. Scout is currently staying at AC Boarding & Grooming while she waits for this special person. Any support for her expensive boarding care would be appreciated so much.

Meet Winkler

This little male miniature Pinscher was running down the middle of Winkler Street in the Greater East End, Houston, Texas in May 2011 when our rescue Hagerman, while being walked by a volunteer, noticed him and started barking. Winkler was inches away from being hit by a car when someone stopped their truck in the middle of traffic and tried to catch him. A Barrio Dogs volunteer was finally able to save Winkler from ongoing traffic.  To date, no one has claimed him.   

We have no fosters or funds to board him but how can we not help this little guy we are calling Winkler. He has received all of his vaccines and will be neutered soon. The vet thinks he is 1 to 2 years old and is heartworm negative. Please help us find Winkler a foster or forever home. He is in boarding now but unfortunately our boarding costs are very high and putting him in foster care will be a huge help for us. Thank you for networking Winkler’s story. If you want more information, contact us at info@barriodogs.org.

UPDATE:  Winkler has found a foster home with a wonderful family; we are hopeful that he finds his forever home soon!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Life+Dog Magazine Profiles Barrio Dogs - Part 3

Houston's Life+Dog magazine has published Part 3 of its three-part series about Barrio Dogs. To see Part 1, click here; for Part 2, click here.

Project: Comfort the Cats

Please consider supporting our cat friends by donating to this project (please click on the image to enlarge the poster).

Apache Needs A Forever Home

Sadly, Barrio Dogs has several rescues that have been in the program for close to a year. We will continue to promote all of them and hope that by the power of networking, we can find them homes. Thank you!

Meet Apache. Found roaming the streets, Apache was in desperate need of help. His story can bring a tear to the eye of any animal lover, but here at Barrio Dogs we choose to focus on the positive.  

Apache is now clean, fed and safe in a boarding facility. Approximately 2 to 3 years old, Apache is a Staffordshire Terrier mix. He has a vibrant bronze color coat with beautiful golden eyes. He has completed heartworm treatment and is now on his monthly preventive medication. He has been neutered, micro-chippped, and is current on his vaccines.

They say no animal is more loving than a rescue. Can you open your home to Apache? For more information, please contact us at info@barriodogs.org.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shaggy Returns to Post Oak

Today Shaggy returned to visit the field on Post Oak at San Felipe where she lived for many months. She was accompanied by several of her old and new friends. Thankfully, fortunes have improved for sweet Shaggy as she recovers from her life in the open field and waits to meet her new forever family.

Don't forget the party for Shaggy this Friday, May 20, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Ninfa's at 1650 Post Oak.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet Daisy

This beautiful Boxer was abandoned at AC Boarding & Grooming almost a year ago. AC's owner believed that Daisy's owner was coming to pick her up but he never did. Many months went by and we couldn’t help but notice Daisy was still waiting. Our thoughts were Daisy was probably used for breeding since she had never been spayed. Even though Barrio Dogs was in no position to take on another rescue, we just couldn’t bear to continue to see Daisy wait. We finally convinced AC to surrender Daisy over to us.

Poor Daisy does not deserve the life of a boarding facility, especially not for nearly a year. She is super sweet and was abandoned along with Brutus, a Blue Staffordshire Terrier. Brutus and Daisy love each other, play well together and get along well with most dogs. After living in a kennel for almost a year, Daisy will need some patience and time to integrate into a normal home.

Daisy is close to two years old, up-to-date on her vaccines and was recently spayed. Please help us find her a home. We would love to see Daisy in a foster or forever home and finally out of boarding. For more information, contact us at info@barriodogs.org.

Meet Bruno

This beautiful Blue Staffordshire Terrier was abandoned at AC Boarding & Grooming almost a year ago.  The facility's owner indicated that he had an owner who claimed he was coming to pick up Bruno but never did.  Many months went by and we couldn’t help but notice Bruno was still waiting.

Our thoughts were Bruno was probably used for breeding since he had never been neutered.  Even though Barrio Dogs was in no position to take on another rescue, we just couldn’t bear to continue to see this poor dog wait.  We finally convinced AC to surrender Bruno over to us.

Poor Bruno does not deserve the life of a boarding facility, especially not for nearly a year. He is super sweet and was abandoned along with a cute Boxer sister named Daisy.  They play well together and Bruno gets along with most of the dogs.  After living in a kennel for almost a year, Bruno will need some patience and time to integrate into a normal home.

Bruno is close to two years old, up-to-date on his vaccines and was recently neutered.  He is amazingly obedient and a big sweetheart.  Please help us find him a home.  We would love to see Bruno in a foster or forever home and finally out of boarding.  For more information about Bruno and our other rescues, contact  info@barriodogs.org.

A Year is a Long Time to Wait for a Home

Julie was found at Edgewood Park on Belfort off of Telephone Road over a year ago. She was at a water playground and her finders noticed some children luring her to the water with food and then laughing at her because she was scared of the jets randomly spraying her. Thank goodness some caring people got her out of that situation and took her in.  She was taken to the vet, who found she had demodec mange; however, after months of treatment, she has recovered and her skin and coat are very healthy.

Julie is approximately 18 months old, about 40 lbs., up to date on all of her vaccines and has been spayed.  She has very tall ears, almost like a German Shepherd, but also has some lab and terrier markings. She has been in foster care for a year but needs a forever home. Julie is SUPER sweet, very docile and lives for belly rubs.  If you are interested in Julie or any of our rescues, contact Barrio Dogs at info@barriodogs.org.

It Takes a Dog to Raise a Village

When I was first approached by Linda Sullivan about the homeless dog Shaggy, I have to admit I was in disbelief. I have worked in the Galleria area for close to twenty years and can easily say I have never seen a homeless dog in this area.  Our work with Barrio Dogs of Houston is primarily education and raising awareness in low-income communities on animal welfare. . .a community far different from this area.

I had to see it for myself and during a drive out there during my lunch hour with a fellow rescuer, there was no homeless dog to be found. I took a chance and asked some construction workers if they had ever seen a homeless dog in the field.  They immediately replied “yes” and during that conversation, they spotted her and said “There she goes right now”. 

Wow. To see this dog in this open field surrounded by traffic and the hustle and bustle was unbelievable. And what was more unbelievable is to find out that she had been living there close to nine months, maybe more.

We immediately set up a dog trap but found out within a few weeks that she was one tough cookie and to try to capture her would require the experts. I was fortunate enough to meet Kelle Mann Davis & Douglas Worthy with Lone Star Recovery who were a huge part of finally capturing Shaggy.  However, please know it was many others who made this happen, including Karen LaBarba who would write Barrio Dogs continuously to let us know Shaggy still needed to be saved. Also, the emails and stories that we received on this one dog were amazing; we heard about her from the bus stop riders, business owners and residents who were feeding her and trying to save her.

For Barrio Dogs, it is a big mission for us to educate, empower and transform communities to make a change for animal welfare in low-income communities. It is a very hard struggle for us to make this change. In Shaggy’s case she had the opposite: an entire community supporting her. She is one very lucky dog and Barrio Dogs is very fortunate to have been part of her story. We have made some wonderful friends along the way and are thrilled to have been a part of this wonderful group of caring individuals who wanted a better life for Shaggy.

Gloria Zenteno
Founder & President of Barrio Dogs

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Adopted! - Part 2

Also adopted recently was Dallas, a very sweet, well-behaved Shar Pei mix. He was abandoned at the boarding facility and lived there for a while until a foster mom took him in. Soon after, his new family found him and quickly adopted him. Best wishes to Dallas and his new family!

Friday, May 13, 2011


We are always so happy when our rescues are adopted. During the past few weeks, several of our rescued pups have been lucky enough to find their forever home. Here they are with their new owners. Many best wishes to the pups and their new families!

Lawnie and Sammy

Jackie and Jill

Milo (on the right)


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Barrio Dogs Pet Adoption

Come join Barrio Dogs for our very first pet adoption at the beautiful Meadowlake Pet Resort. This state of the art facility is lending a hand to some of our much needed rescues Ricky, Lucy & Ethel (you can watch their YouTube video here).

Please come out to see us for this fun event!
 SATURDAY, MAY 28, 12 NOON - 4:00 P.M.
Conveniently located to downtown Houston 
VIEW MAP 13500 Furman Road | Houston, TX 77047

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Party for Shaggy

Join us in celebrating Shaggy's rescue and new lease on life! To RSVP, go to Shaggy's Facebook page.

Rescued and needing fur-ever homes

Ricky, Lucy and Ethyl were rescued off the streets of Houston in early January 2011. They have since received all their vaccinations and have also been spayed/neutered. They are great dogs who desperately need to find their fur-ever homes. Thank you to Whitney with Meadowlake Pet Resort for all your help and support!

Please help us find a home

Too many of our rescues are in boarding. A very special thank you to all the supporters that have helped out by walking, petting, and showing love to these formerly abused creatures. If you find yourself with some free time, please email info@barriodogs.org to arrange to enjoy the companionship of Ricky, Lucy, Ethel, Hagerman, Amber, Dusty, Scout, Apache, and Shaggy. Please network and help us find forever homes.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meet Hank

Hank was rescued on May 1, 2011 on Navigation Street in the East End of Houston. He appeared to be abandoned; he had been tied up since the day before on a short chain with no food or water.   

After his rescue, Hank went to the doctor, who thinks he is around 2 years old.  He is generally in good health although undernourished. He is heartworm negative but has hookworms, which he is being treated for.  He will be neutered soon. 

Hank is a sweet and energetic pup who just wants to be loved. If you are interested in adopting Hank or any of our other rescues, please contact us at info@barriodogs.org.

Hank after rescue