Monday, June 18, 2012

Visit to Gano Mission

Barrio Dogs volunteers and therapy dogs recently spent an afternoon at Gano Mission, part of Mission Centers of Houston which serves impoverished communities in Houston's inner city. Barrio Dogs visit was with children in the youth program and featured stories and games. The important message behind the fun was about taking proper care of pets, especially spaying and neutering them. Thank you to Gano Mission and to our volunteers for making this event possible!

Anna Bermudez, Susan Giles and Dulce Garcia with therapy dogs Henry and Hap
An educational game

Most of the audience seems to be enjoying the program
Children with therapy dog Chloe
Therapy dog Serenity made some new friends

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Educating about Pit Bulls

Barrio Dogs is working to educate people about pit bulls and contradict the misinformation about the breed that is exaggerated by the media. We are joined in our campaign by our friend and volunteer Rachel Gonzalez. She and Clara, her Canine Good Citizen certified pit bull, have been visiting local schools to teach children that pit bulls are not bad dogs: it's the people around them.

Here are some recent pictures of Rachel and Clara at Browning Elementary. We are so grateful for their efforts to spread the word about this misunderstood breed!

Rachel and Clara

Clara and a teacher

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tales to Tails at Cage

Chloe our Rescue Education Ambassador Dog (READ) was at Cage Elementary recently along with Jennifer Washam. We got this great picture of Chloe working with some of the children. Go Chloe!